feedback extorion

Refund extortion in Bulgaria

The times when arrogant clients could force the seller (or the service provider) to issue refund are now over

Every seller or service provider knows about this problem. This is when an unscrupulous client demands refund, even though the service has been provided or the goods delivered. The usual “nuclear weapon” of the client is his ability to leave negative online reviews and feedback for the seller. These reviews may be left by anybody and they may indeed harm the reputation of the seller or the service provider.

But now, this is punishable under the law and the extortionists may be sentenced to effectively serve sentences in Bulgarian jail. Refund extortion now, very easily, may have the following consequences for the extortionists:

  • Jail terms under the Bulgarian penal code;
  • Ban to enter Bulgaria;
  • Ban to enter the Schengen countries (all of them).

Please read more about the way to fight refund extortionists at: Extortionists (and defamatory online commenters) now serve times in Bulgarian jails

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