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Will two extortionists, living in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, be extradited to Bulgaria?

Extortion – criminal offence

Extortion is a serious crime in Bulgaria as per the latest penal codes. In the pre social media and internet era, extortion was very difficult for the criminal. He had to get his dirty hands on something that he could blackmail the victim with. And logically, this wasn’t always possible.

Now, the extortionists have a new tool to work with. Virtually any business(man) is potential target to extortionists. The extortion is as easy as it can be. The criminal demands something from the business(man) with the threat that if he doesn’t get it, he will ruin the online/internet reputation of the business. To our regret, this technique is very effective and there are many businesses who have fallen victim of it. Luckily however, there are also very effective methods to fight these practices and even put the extortionists behind bars.

What if the extortionist is not living in Bulgaria?

If the perpetrator is staying abroad (outside of Bulgaria), it will be difficult to get him to Bulgaria in order to be interrogated. In such case, a special procedure of extradition must be carried out. There are certain countries indeed, such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE, that give permission for extradition very difficult. Still, even if the extradition is not approved, there are other solutions possible.

Pakistani in KSA and Indian in UAE – applying extortion techniques against Bulgarians

Currently we are collecting additional evidences about two extortionists located in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. When enough evidence is collected that prove their intentions, the legal procedure will be carried forward. It is yet to be seen if KSA and UAE will extradite the perpetrators or the local security services will take care of the problem. For more information, please read – extradition from the Gulf countries.

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