Immigration services for foreigners in Bulgaria

We offer legal aid and assistance in any administrative procedures for issuing:

  • short-stay visas, work permits, student and business visas, type D visas for long-term residence in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Consulting in obtaining a permit for continuous and permanent residence in the Republic of Bulgaria, certificates and residence cards;
  • Legal assistance and representation for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship;
  • Starting business by foreigners;
  • Registration of companies;
  • Profitable purchase of properties and businesses;
  • Provision of tax and legal address;
  • Fully comprehensive servicing and consulting businesses on tax and customs regimes, recruitment, construction, industrial and intellectual property, litigation and arbitration;
  • Certification of foreign investment projects; Legal defense against unfair competition:


During the last year, the amount or rejected applications by Macedonian citizens applying for Bulgarian citizenship by origin has skyrocketed. You can read more about what can you do if your citizenship application has been denied.

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