Criminal lawyer in Bulgaria – Hristo Vasilev

My long-term legal practice is focused on customer service in the field of criminal law. I provide legal assistance and legal defense to suspects in criminal cases – conclusion of agreements with the prosecutor’s office, defense in taking restraining measures, defense upon attracting an accused person and legal defense in pre-trial and judicial criminal proceedings.

Lawyer specializing in criminal law

I offer legal advice and criminal defense regarding:

  • Criminal law norms; Effect of criminal law norms with regard to individuals and over time.
  • Criminally responsible individuals; Subject to crime; Sanity and insanity.
  • The subjective side of a crime.
  • Stages of deliberate crime.
  • Complicity in a crime.
  • Multiple offenses and aggravated criminal activity.
  • Aggregation of crimes and recurrence.
  • Criminal liability and sentence.
  • Principles for determining a sentence.
  • Exemption from serving an imposed sentence.
  • Repayment of penal prosecution and imposed sentence.
  • Crimes against the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Crimes against the physical integrity of an individual; Crimes against life.
  • Crimes against health.
  • Crimes against human freedom; Crimes against honor, dignity and reputation.
  • Crimes against sexual inviolability of an individual and against sexual morality.
  • Crimes against the citizen rights.
  • Crimes against property.
  • Appropriation; Misappropriation and embezzlement.
  • Fraud and document fraud.
  • Blackmailing; Abuse of trust, related to fraud.
  • Concealment of items; Destroying or damaging other individuals’ properties.
  • Crimes against the economy; General economic crimes and crimes against credit providers; Crimes in individual economic sectors; Crimes against the monetary and credit system.
  • Crimes against the financial, tax and insurance system.