Experience and practice in the field

I acquired experience from the very kitchen of legislation by working for a major insurance company in liquidation of damages, determining insurance compensations and resources. Due to my experience as a legal expert in DZI General Insurance JSC, I have won multiple insurance cases. My experience gives me confidence to claim that I know the subtleties of insurance law and I can offer competent legal services and filing of legal claims for repayment of compensations as per insurance agreements. Most importantly, I know the mechanism in which insurance companies refuse to pay compensations and this gives me an advantage in conducting legal cases. Many insurance companies often provide purely formal reasons for refusing payment of insurance compensation as per various types of insurances – motor vehicle insurance, civil liability, life, property insurance and others.

Lawyer specializing in insurance law

In their practice, insurance companies often use the ignorance of people and rely on the lack of financial resources for the provision of legal assistance in filing legal claims and requests for equitable insurance compensations. Insurers reduce compensations or refuse their payment by stating vague reasons or gaps on the part of entitled persons. Refusals by insurance companies are ungrounded and often poorly formulated. Companies themselves draw up internal expert opinions that are biased and unrealistic and refer to them upon payment of benefits. The legal system always protects beneficiaries, and currently compensations that are stipulated by law comply with the European directives.

Христо Василев - застрахователно право

For example, in case of a traffic accident, in which death has occurred, the insurer offers inheritors an amount which is usually around BGN 30,000 or small, while on the other hand, in case such an issue is brought to court, once it is approved, the court would stipulate awarding compensation ranging between BGN 100,000 and BGN 120,000, when there is no contributory negligence. It is always worth it to contact a competent lawyer or law firm when you have problems with insurers in obtaining insurance compensation, so lawyers would advices you and guide you in protecting your rights and filing insurance claims. 

Insurance Law Services

We offer consultations, statements and procedural representation in disputes concerning:

  • Insurance agreement; Definition; Parties; Conclusion; Legal characteristics;
  • Rights and obligations of the parties;
  • Form of the insurance agreement; Requisites; Entry into force; Amendment; Termination.
  • Pre-contractual information; General conditions; Self participation.
  • Insurance relations; Elements; Premium; Risk; Collateral; Other rights and obligations.
  • Co-insurance agreement; Purpose; Parties; Rights and obligations.
  • Insurance event; Insurance period of validity; Inaccessibility.
  • Types of insurance; Property and personal insurance; Voluntary and mandatory insurance; Property insurance.
  • Occurrence of insured event; Definition; Characteristics; Notification obligation; Preventing and limiting of damages; Insurance compensation; Recovery of damages. Partial loss.
  • Refusal of compensation payment; Transferring of insurance property. Applying the rights of an insured person.
  • Subscription insurance; Insurance of the transportation risk; Legal expenses insurance; Travel assistance insurance; Civil liability insurance.
  • Personal insurance; Life and Accident insurance; Group insurance; Mutual insurance.
  • Life and Accident insurance of a third party.
  • Life and Accident insurance in favor of a third party; Right of a third party.
  • Applicable law for insurance agreements within the EU and the EEA.
  • Re-insurance agreements; Agreement elements; Relation with insurance agreements.
  • Compulsory insurance; Types of compulsory insurance; Compulsory insurance agreement.
  • Compulsory Civil Liability insurance of motor vehicles.
  • Compulsory Accident insurance of passengers in public transportation vehicles.

Lawyer’s fees are calculated according to Regulation No 1 dated 9.07.2004 on the minimum amount of lawyers’ fees.