Dear clients,

As a specialist in family and inheritance law, I hereby present to your attention a set of legal services in this area. In my practice as a lawyer I gained tremendous experience and I provide legal aid and assistance in carrying out consultations on the new Family Code, effective as of 21.12.2010, upon drawing up of marriage agreements, agreements on divorce by mutual consent and claim order, origin claims, adoption of children, recognition, acceptance, refusal of inheritance, partitioning of inheritance, drawing up wills, etc. I perform express divorce procedures in various locations in Sofia district.

Lawyer specializing in family and inheritance law

Legal consultations, statements, procedural and legal representation in litigation regarding: 

  • Claims for establishment of origin;
  • Origin; Challenging paternity; Recognition; Form of recognition; Disputing recognition;
  • Adoption; Complete and partial adoption;
  • Representation and custody assistance; Limitation of parental rights;
  • Deprivation of parental rights; Alimony; Claim for awarding of alimony; Reduction and increasing of alimony;
  • Divorce as per claim order;
  • Divorce by mutual consent;
  • Guardianship and custody;
  • Inheritance by law;
  • Inheritance by will; Ability to dispose through will;
  • Form of will; Notarized will;
  • Restoration of reserved portion; Reduction of will order; Reduction of donation;
  • Revocation of will; Invalidity of will;
  • Acceptance and refusal of inheritance;
  • Refusal of inheritance; Partitioning of inheritance; Types; Partitioning table; Shares;
  • Judicial partitioning; Stages of judicial partitioning;