Dear clients,

My practice as a lawyer is focused on customer service in the area of administrative law and administrative proceedings. I am motivated to defend clients affected by illegal administrative acts of public administration – Regional Inspectorate on Preservation and Control of Public Health, Traffic Police, General Labor Inspectorate, ministries, agencies, refusal on grant payments by the Agriculture State Fund, and many others.

Lawyer specializing in administrative law

Legal aid and assistance in realizing the responsibility of the state and municipalities for damages caused by unlawful documents and actions of administration, including by drawing up claims and representation before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. I have broad experience and multiple successfully solved cases in my practice. I offer legal advice, statements and procedural representation in disputes concerning:

  • Administrative documents;
  • Conditions for regular operation of administrative documents;
  • Ineffectiveness of administrative documents;
  • Administrative constraint;
  • Administrative and penal liability;
  • Responsibility of the state and municipalities for damages based on unlawful documents and actions of administration;
  • Issuing individual administrative documents; Issuing common regulations and statutory administrative provisions;
  • Disputing administrative documents as per the administrative order;
  • Invalidity of administrative documents;
  • Renewal of proceedings for issuance of administrative documents;
  • Disputing of administrative documents before first instance courts;
  • Disputing based on a special clause;
  • Cassation proceedings;
  • Repeal of effective legal documents;
  • Defense against unreasonable acts and omissions of administration;
  • Implementation of administrative decisions and rulings;
  • Proceedings for establishment of administrative violations and imposing of administrative penalties;
  • Disputing of penal orders. Cassation proceedings;
  • Renewal of administrative and penal proceedings;
  • Execution of criminal rulings of courts in administrative cases;