Commercial Law Attorney

Dear clients, I hereby present to your attention a comprehensive set of legal services for commercial companies. I have broad experience in the area of corporate services and commercial law.

What corporate services does Hristo Vassilev Law Office offer?

  • Legal services as per subscription;
  • Incorporation and registration of commercial companies;
  • Legal services to employers;
  • Real property transactions;
  • Making investments;
  • Legal assistance in business plans and financial schemes;
  • Drawing up and consultation upon conclusion of employment agreements;
  • Assistance and realization of negotiations for conclusion of commercial agreements;
  • Consulting in drawing up of commercial agreements;
  • Legal assistance and mediation in loan provision;
  • Representation before notary publics and banks;
  • Mortgage transactions; Cessions;
  • Legal aid and assistance upon participation in public procurements;
  • Appeals on various administrative documents and penal provisions in carrying out commercial activities;
  • Protection against unfair competition.
  • Drawing up tax strategies and tax optimization;
  • Legal saving of taxes;
  • Management and collection of receivables;
  • Risk assessment upon commercial transactions;
  • Judicial collection of receivables;
  • Commercial disputes; Preliminary recovery measures;

Lawyer specializing in commercial law

Legal consultations, statements and procedural representation in litigations in relation to the following: 

  • Limited Liability Company; Incorporation of LTD;
  • Capital, property and shares in a LTD; Amendment of the capital;
  • Membership in a LTD; Acquisition, transfer and termination of membership;
  • Rights and obligations of the partners in a LTD; Management of a LTD; Termination of a company;
  • Joint Stock Company – concept and nature; Types of JSCs; Establishment of a JSC and statutes; Capital of a JSC; Shares and transactions with them; Rights and obligations of shareholders;
  • Bonds – concept and types; Rights of bond holders; Conversion of bonds into shares;
  • Management of a JSC; Annual accounting and profit distribution; Special types of JSC;
  • Partnership limited by shares; Trades person – public enterprise; Sole-owned companies with state capital;
  • Transformation of commercial companies; Protection of shareholders and credit providers of a commercial company upon transformation; Termination and liquidation of a commercial company; Merging of commercial companies – consortium and holding; Cooperative – concept, origin, types, and establishment;
  • Property of a cooperative – contributions, structure and legal regime; Members legal relations in a cooperative; Rights and obligations of a member in a cooperative;
  • Management of a cooperative; Reorganization, termination and liquidation; Commercial transactions; Conclusion and form of commercial transactions; Transactions under general conditions;
  • Performance of commercial transactions; Cashless payment; Current account;
  • Non-fulfillment of commercial transactions; Force majeure; Economic intolerance; Earnest money;
  • Commercial securities. Special pledges;
  • Commercial sale – concept and legal regime; Coverage transactions; Sales on a public auction; Special sales – transit, remote, by an agreement for buying up, pre-payment of the price; contributions payment; by transferring securities; sale with an additional specification;
  • Contract for lease; Commissioning agreement; Consignment agreement; Forwarding agreement;
  • Transportation agreement; Signing and form of agreement; Transportation documents;
  • Rights and obligations of the parties to a transportation agreement; Carrier’s liability; Insurance agreement; Signing and form of insurance agreement;
  • Property insurance. “Life” and “accident” insurance; Public liability insurance;

For what transactions can I be useful to you?

  • Transactions with securities; Commercial assigning;
  • Bill of exchange; Issuing and transferring of bills of exchange; Endorsement – nature and types; Requesting and acceptance of a bill of exchange; Payment and objection; Mediation and warranty under a bill of exchange; Claims on bills of exchange; Objections; Unlawful enrichment; Promissory note; Check; Commercial banks; Bank transactions – concept and types; Agreement for stock control; Commercial agreements – factoring, franchise, distribution agreement.

Lawyer’s fees are calculated according to Regulation No 1 dated 9.07.2004 on the minimum amount of lawyers’ fees.