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Accountancy services with full legal support in Bulgaria

For most of the foreign companies in Bulgaria, accountancy and legal compliance is the first and most important hurdle that they need to deal with. Private accountants in Bulgaria, as well as accountancy firms, do provide only basic services – daily accountancy, tax forms, annual reporting.

But the legal framework requires much more than filling forms. Accountancy goes hand in hand with legal support and the synergy between the two is absolutely essential.

Brief overview of the benefits you can derive from using our services

24/7 full accountancy service with legal support on all issues that concern you. You will obtain a team of experienced and talented lawyers at your disposal.
If you have already settled in Bulgaria for some time, you are undoubtedly familiar with the work of local accountants. Interacting with them can be really frustrating. Language barrier, cultural differences, unreasonably high tariffs, etc. With us, these problems will remain in the past for you.

Transparency of fiscal activities

Thanks to our monthly subscription service, you will have full transparency and clarity regarding tax legal compliance.

Security and comfort

In Bulgaria there are different deadlines related to the filing of tax returns and the payment of tax liabilities. It is not easy to keep track of everyone. By entering into a contract with our office, we assume full responsibility for compliance with all legal deadlines for all different tax. This way you will be able to focus only on your business. We value your every second. Time is money and in this case the cliché is very true.

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You can read more about our internationally oriented legal and accountancy services as well as how we can assist your company stay legally compliant in Bulgaria – .

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