Hristo Vasilev – career and mission as a lawyer

Registered as a lawyer in the Sofia Bar Association on October 2, 2002 with personal number 1000410610. He graduated with honors from the Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”. Master of Laws. Member of the International Bar Association based in London.

  • 1999 – Legal expert and advisor at the Privatization Agency,
  • 2001 – Legal expert at DZI – General Insurance AD.
  • 2002 – Chief Legal Counsel at the Ministry of Education – Regional Inspectorate.
  • 02.10. 2002 – Attorney at law from the Sofia Bar Association.
  • Extensive experience in commercial, real estate, employment, administrative, insurance, tax and criminal law.

Representation before judicial institutions

Legal representation both afore Bulgarian and international judicial institutions – the European Court of Human Rights – Strasbourg, the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg, international arbitration and more. 

Specializations, Research Careers and Teaching Activities

With the graduation of Sofia University, Kliment Ohridski acquired a specialization in Law. & gt; Completed international specializations with certificates: European Business Law – Lund University, Sweden (Faculty of Law, Lund University), Introduction to American Law – University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia – USA (University of Pennsylvania Law School). 2015 – Doctorate in Civil Procedure Law at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”with the thesis topic“ Proof in the appeal proceedings of the lawsuit ”.

Lecturer in Civil Procedure Law at the Institute of Public Administration and European Integration at the Council of Ministers. Free Lecturer.

The Law Firm

Hristo Vasilev Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services to Bulgarian and foreign clients. The team consists of attorneys with years of experience and practice in Bulgarian and European law. We offer flexible legal solutions and strategies that have stood the test of time and are built on our extensive experience. The law office operates in compliance with the principles of confidentiality of information, flexibility, individual approach to the client, thorough and detailed study of each case, information and proper interaction with the client. We offer first-class legal services and accurate fulfillment of our commitments. Speak languages – English, German and Russian. Our business is based on good legal practices and strict principles have established the name of the office of the legal market.

Individual approaches to each case

We take into account the individual characteristics of each client’s case. Each case is viewed not only through the prism of our experience, but also through the prism of the most current Bulgarian and European practice. In addition to standard legal solutions, we also prepare strictly individual legal concepts and strategies, depending on the specificity and complexity of the case.

Customer awareness and dynamic feedback

One of the biggest advantages of our office is the creation of a good dialogue with the client. We keep in touch with our customers and take into account their wishes and suggestions. We use a unique lawyer’s records system and our clients can at any time be informed about the stage of development of their case. We always encourage our customers to contact us when they have questions and suggestions. In this way, we offer them a service that meets their needs and creates a high and uncompromising level of service.

Professionalism and Creativity

In our business, we rely on proven and good lawyer practices and strive to apply them to the success of our clients. Our awareness and constant complement of our knowledge is our strongest weapon. Although we are established professionals, we are constantly striving to improve and protect the rights of our trustees in the best possible way. Very often our creativity is a guarantee for successful resolution of the case and satisfaction of the client’s interests. If you are in a complex legal situation, are facing a lawsuit, receiving inaccurate legal advice, or simply need legal services, then contact my law firm.

The office

Central office:

Sofia City, 103 James Baucher boulevard, floor 5, office 9

Back office:

Sofia City, 145 G. S. Rakovski Street, entrance B, floor 2, office 6 (the office is located opposite to the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, next to HAPPY restaurant)




+359-889-008 827 – for consultations for ongoing lawsuits;

+359-899-812 996 – for new lawsuits.

Business hours of the law firm:

Monday – Friday from 9.00h to 19.00h

Saturday and Sunday – days off

*In cases of emergency I accept customers on Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

Services for (mainly) foreign nationals:

Corporate and Civil Law in Bulgaria:

Immigration law:

Company formation services:

Trust in us means sure success for you!