Dear clients,

As a narrow specialist in property law I present to your attention a set of legal services in this field. In the years of investment boom within 2004-2008 I worked with construction companies and I gained broad experience in real estate transactions, litigation and property law relations. I am highly familiar with the legal practice in property law matters.

Lawyer specializing in property law

I offer legal advice and assistance in carrying out real estate transactions – drawing up title deeds, verifications on encumbrances, researching the rights of a transferor and seller, complete research of the records of the Property Registry, supplying certificates of charges, tax assessment, certificates from the cadastre agency, arranging a notary public for finalizing a deal in particular time – quickly and efficiently. Complete set of legal services and research of real properties available for sale at a public auction in enforcement cases and properties of companies in process of liquidation and bankruptcy. I offer legal advice, statements and procedural representation in disputes concerning:

  • Property rights; Limitations of property rights;
  • State and municipal property;
  • Protection of property rights;
  • Co-ownership;
  • Use and management of co-owned property;
  • Acquisition of a share of a co-owned property;
  • Termination of co-ownership; Voluntary partitioning; Partitioning of co-owned and residential property;
  • Right to use; Right to build;
  • Construction permit; Completion of construction and use permit;
  • Servitude rights;
  • Right to superstructure and extend property;
  • Real property deeds; Statements;
  • Acquisition of property rights through legal transactions;
  • Acquisition by inheritance;
  • Acquisition of state and municipal property;
  • Acquisition of real property by participating in building and construction cooperations;
  • Lot of a real property; Deeds subject to registration;
  • Entry in the property register; Registration as per the Property Act;
  • Refusal of registration; Appeal on refusal;
  • Cadastre;
  • Condominium, concepts, occurrence;
  • Management of the condominium;
  • Detailed structure plans, essence, types;
  • Drawing up, approval and modification of effective structure plans;
  • Building up settlements; Types of construction; Construction ban;
  • Alienation of real properties for state and municipal needs; Framework, grounds, procedure;
  • Compensation at expropriation; Compensation in case of cancelling expropriation;
  • Acquisition of real properties by foreigners and foreign legal entities.