Tax lawyer in Bulgaria – more important than ever

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to changes in tax legislation for both individuals and companies in Bulgaria. Compliance with the requirements of tax institutions is a serious responsibility. Especially for companies that operate internationally.

I and the tax experts of the law firm “Hristo Vassilev” are ready to assist you in planning your tax policy. Our tax services cover both Bulgarian and foreign companies (and citizens).

My decisions and advice are based on knowledge tested over my years of experience in this field.

I offer legal advice and assistance on tax law issues, tax audits and verifications, VAT refund, determining the amount of tax in commercial transactions, VAT registration, appeal before courts and filing objections against tax assessment documents, appeal of administrative rulings of the National Revenue Agency and others. I offer flexible advice to trade persons for implementation of effective tax strategies, successful tax policy of the company, and ultimately legal saving of taxes. I have extensive legal experience and multiple successfully solved cases.

Lawyer specializing in tax law

  • Tax and legal advice, statements, legal and procedural representation in disputes concerning:
  • Tax obligations. Enforcement of obligations.
  • Guarantees for fulfillment of tax obligations. Security measures.
  • Enforcement of tax obligations.
  • Amnesty. Remission. Deduction. Redemption period. Sign off.
  • Tax supervision. Tax audits and inspections.
  • Inspection acts. Appeal before administrative court.
  • Appeals of tax audit acts in court. Cassation appeal.
  • Revocation of effective rulings on tax issues. Amendment of audit acts.
  • Tax violations and penalties.
  • Corporate income taxation.
  • Total income tax. Taxable and non-taxable incomes.
  • Inheritance tax.
  • Tax on property acquisition.
  • Tax on motor vehicles /automobiles/.
  • Property tax.
  • Value added tax.
  • Tax registration. Subject to taxation with Value Added Tax.
  • Value Added Tax for recovery. Documentation and reporting.
  • Legal regime of excise duties.
  • Tax liabilities of foreign entities.

Tax benefits for seafarers in Bulgaria.

We pay special attention on whether a foreigner is considered to be tax resident in Bulgaria. In this way, the methods for international double taxation can be applied correctly.