Citizens of Israel are fearing the worst

Israeli citizens are looking for residence and citizenship alternatives in the EU

Israelis are probably the most democracy sensitive nation in the world. And it is no surprise that following the controversial law that was passed in Israel recently, there are many Israelis who are fearful of Israel losing its democratic foundations. Many Israeli citizens are now demonstrating on the streets of Israel and there are also many who are looking to obtain second citizenship.

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Bulgarian citizenship – highly demanded

Jewish heritage is enormous. Many Israeli citizens often have roots in other countries. And these roots, in many cases, allow them to obtain second citizenship, if they want to. Bulgaria is of course no exception. There are many Bulgarian Jews who have immigrated to Israel many years ago. And these people have now the opportunity to obtain Bulgarian citizenship by origin.

For those who have no Bulgarian heritage, Bulgaria still offers nice option to obtain permanent residence status and citizenship consequentially. Such an option is the reformed Bulgarian Golden Visa program.

For any questions about the available ways to obtain Bulgarian citizenship by Israeli, please don’t hesitate to contact my office.

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