Have you been trading online lately? Forex, Shares, Bonds, Derivatives? Probably opened an account with online broker who happened to be registered in Bulgaria? And your account was blocked or you couldn’t make withdrawals? You have been given a lame excuse or have been asked to provide a pile of documents, ie copy of your credit cards, passport, driving license, etc. Sounds familiar? All these forex scams?

In many cases, in order to comply with the strict financial regulations, online brokerage companies are required to ask for supporting documents and to even temporarily block account access. However, lately, we receive more and more complaints from customers who believe they have become victims of unscrupulous online brokers. The story often follows the same path – the customer transfers (or uses his credit card) initially some money into his Forex (brokerage) account, then trades for some time and when there is profit made, the account is being blocked. There is little to be done in such situation. The online broker doesn’t have brick and mortar offices and it appears that the customer service, located far away in Bulgaria, is not that helpful anymore.

What to do

Luckily, Bulgaria has laws and we can make sure these laws will be enforced. There are many legal steps that can be taken in order for the customer to recuperate his funds. Timing is essential. We have setup a dedicated email address where we receive priority emails about similar cases so we can start proceedings without delay. If you believe you have been unrightfully deprived of access to your funds, please email us at so we can eventually assist you in taking the necessary legal steps.