Bulgaria is one of the best countries for working foreigners

work for foreigners in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is ranked 11th. Greece is at the bottom Bulgaria is the best country in the Balkans for the life and work of foreigners, and it is almost in the top ten in the world. Our country is ranked 11th. For the sixth consecutive year, analysts at InterNation, the world’s largest expat community (people who …

Common Rules for Insolvency Proceedings for All Countries of the European Community (EC)

Insolvency Proceedings EC

Purpose of the procedure – Regulation (EU) 2015/848 The material introduces the main and secondary insolvency proceedings under Council Regulation (EC- European Community) No 2015/848. It has precedence over the rules of national legal systems. The rules contained therein are of a coordinating nature for debtors with assets in different Member States, necessitating the opening …

Do you have a business in Bulgaria? Learn how to protect your assets from unfair competition.

unfair competition

Unfair competition – the essence of the term If you have a business in Bulgaria or are planning to form a company, then you need to know how to protect yourself in case of unfair competition. The Law for the Protection against Unfair Competition (LPUC) is the “tool” that serves commercial organizations to guard against …

Managing and collecting receivables

One of the most important and pressing issues in the current global economic crisis is related to payments between economic entities, and the so-called large intercompany indebtedness. The deteriorated economic environment creates grounds to multiple delayed payments, and most trade persons should conform their company behavior with this new phenomenon that emerged and intensified after …

Lecture in Hong Kong

лекция в Хонг Конг

Lecture about obtaining citizenship by investment and the particularities for holders of British Overseas Citizenship. For more information, please visit  http://www.bulgarian-citizenship.org/hong-kong-2018 Current update on Hong Kong (summer 2019) The recent unrest in Hong Kong resulted in huge increase in the amount of applications for Bulgarian citizenship by nationals of HK.

Optimization of the tax burden

global economic

Global economic crisis The global economic crisis in 2008 put an end to uncontrolled spending of company resources and the intoxication by the investment boom. The main task in the new economic situation became the preservation of economic growth and survival in conditions of increasing inter-company indebtedness and troubled bank credit provision. Trade persons started …