Civil lawyer in Bulgaria

My long-term legal practice is focused on customer service in the area of civil law. I provide legal advice and assistance in drawing up of various types of civil contracts, defense of subjective civil rights, placing under guardianship, custody, trusteeship, etc. I have extensive experience and expertise in establishment of non-profit associations.

Lawyer specializing in civil law

I offer legal assistance and representation in the registration procedure of non-profit associations and foundations before the respective district courts. I provide legal advice, statements and legal representation on:

  • Subjective rights. Subjective right and right to a claim;
  • Personal non-property rights. Civil legal defense of individuals;
  • Abuse of rights;
  • Protection of subjective rights;
  • Protection of subjective rights: self defense of rights. Unavoidable self defense, extreme necessity, self-help;
  • Legal capacity and capability of natural persons;
  • Types of liens, order of placing under custody and termination of custody;
  • Guardianship and custody. Body of guardianship and custody;
  • Civil status deeds. Procedure of issuing. Corrections. Changes;
  • Undetermined absence and announcement of death;
  • Legal entity. Representation of legal persons;
  • Non-profit legal entities. Associations. Foundations. Non-profit legal entities in private and public benefit.
  • Securities.
  • Legal transactions and form of transactions.
  • Invalidity of transactions. Types of invalidity: nullity, voidability, partial invalidity pending invalidity;
  • Representation. Authorization;
  • Origination and termination of representative power. Reauthorization.
  • Repayment period and duration of repayment periods.