Labor lawyer

Dear clients,

In my law practice I have won hundreds of cases in the field of labor law. I know well the specifics of the matter. The problems I have encountered are mainly related to employer arbitrariness and gross violation of workers’ labor rights. But I have often witnessed the abuse of rights by employees against the employer also. In my work I have very successfully resolved labor law cases in court or out of court, both on the side of the employee and on the side of the employer.

Solid experience in the field of “Labor Law”

Thanks to my success in the Courtroom, I have proven to be one of the best labor lawyers in Sofia. Hristo Vassilev Law Office offers you legal services and legal representation in this area. I have vast experience in labor law, which I gained initially as a chief legal adviser to the “Regional Inspectorate of Education – Sofia City” at the Ministry of Education and later as a lawyer in labor law.

Legal services, consultations and legal representation in disputes concerning:

  • Disciplinary liability;
  • Disciplinary sanctions and order of their imposing;
  • Preliminary protection against dismissal;
  • Claims for cancellation of unlawful dismissal;
  • Conclusion, drawing up and termination of labor agreements;
  • Work time;
  • Overtime;
  • Holidays, vacations, paid annual leave;
  • Labor compensation;
  • Labor remuneration;
  • Claims for reinstatement; Claims for compensation in cases of wrongful dismissal, Claims for correction of grounds for termination of employment.