Dear clients,

Being one of the best Sofia lawyers specializing in labor law, I present to your attention a set of legal assistance and procedural representation services in this field. I have vast experience in labor law, which I initially acquired as a legal advisor in chief at the District Education Inspectorate – Sofia City at the Ministry of Education, and subsequently as a lawyer in labor law.

Lawyer specializing in labor law

In my legal practice I have won hundreds of labor law cases. I am familiar in great details with the specifics of this matter. The problems that I have encountered are primarily related to employers’ injustice and gross violation of labor rights of employees, on one hand, and on the other hand – I have very often witnessed violation of rights on behalf of employees against their employer. In my work I have multiple successfully resolved juridical and extra-juridical labor cases, both on the side of the employee and the employer.

I provide legal advice, statements and procedural representation in disputes concerning:

  • Conclusion, drawing up and termination of labor agreements;
  • Work time;
  • Overtime;
  • Holidays, vacations, paid annual leave;
  • Labor compensation;
  • Labor remuneration;
  • Disciplinary liability;
  • Disciplinary sanctions and order of their imposing;
  • Preliminary protection against dismissal;
  • Claims for cancellation of unlawful dismissal;
  • Claims for reinstatement; Claims for compensation in cases of wrongful dismissal, Claims for correction of grounds for termination of employment.

Lawyer’s fees are calculated according to Regulation No 1 dated 9.07.2004 on the minimum amount of lawyers’ fees.