International Emigration Expo

“Residence permits in Bulgaria and the CIP” The team of the Hristo Vasilev law office participated at the International Emigration Expo 2016, which was held in Kiev, Ukraine on 30.09.2016 and 01.10.2016, where our representative spoke about “Residence permits in Bulgaria and the Citizenship-by-investment program(CIP)”. Citizenship and Investments Ltd “Citizenship & Investments”Continue Reading

Collecting our receivables One of the most important and pressing issues in the current global economic crisis is related to payments between economic entities, and the so-called large intercompany indebtedness(and collecting receivables in the best way). The deteriorated economic environment creates grounds to multiple delayed payments, and most trade personsContinue Reading

лекция в Хонг Конг

Lecture in Hong Kong about obtaining citizenship by investment and the particularities for holders of British Overseas Citizenship. For more information, please visit Current update on Hong Kong (summer 2019) The recent unrest in Hong Kong resulted in huge increase in the amount of applications for Bulgarian citizenship byContinue Reading

данъчна оптимизация

Global economic crisis The global economic crisis in 2008 put an end to uncontrolled spending of company resources and the intoxication by the investment boom. The main task in the new economic situation became the preservation of economic growth and survival in conditions of increasing inter-company indebtedness and troubled bankContinue Reading

Are insurers in Bulgaria fair? This is an issue that concerns everyone who has concluded insurance policies and suffered damages from insurance events. Unfortunately, after sustaining damages from an insurance event, it may be very difficult to obtain compensation from the beneficiaries. An insured person needs to go through theContinue Reading