feedback extorion

The times when arrogant clients could force the seller (or the service provider) to issue refund are now over Every seller or service provider knows about this problem. This is when an unscrupulous client demands refund, even though the service has been provided or the goods delivered. The usual “nuclearContinue Reading


More and more VD&A clients are receiving positive assessment by the Bulgarian Citizenship Council. This practically means that the Council recommends to the Bulgarian President to issue a decree for the issuance of Bulgarian citizenship of the VD&A’s clients. Investor from the USA, customer of VD&A, is approved for BulgarianContinue Reading

Foundation in Bulgaria

What is a Foundation? The Foundation is a non-profit legal entity and with independent property formed by donations. In Bulgaria, the law allows the founders of a Foundation to be foreigners. The Law on Non-profit Legal Entities in Bulgaria regulates everything concerning the establishment, operation and termination of a foundation.Continue Reading

Interpretative decision of the Supreme Administrative Court

Interpretative decision of the Supreme Administrative Court A long-awaited interpretative decision of the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) has been issued. According to the decision, if you are a manager of a company, a member of the management body or an appointed procurator and you have failed to publish data onContinue Reading

30 days is the deadline during which the buyer (the relevant chain or store) must pay the manufacturer After the latest amendments to the Bulgarian Law on Protection of Competition (LPC), some very important cases for Bulgarian business have been resolved. Among them, the settlement of protection against agreements, decisionsContinue Reading