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Bulgarian embassies and visa D

Are the Bulgarian embassies abroad empowered to decide about visa D?

We receive more and more complaints from foreigners who have issues with the Bulgarian embassies and consulates. Most often, the problem is that Bulgarian embassies are rejecting visa applications (in particular for visa D) with the reasoning that some of the documents are not in order.

A visa D applicant in the USA is having difficulties to even file his documents at the Bulgarian embassy 

The thing is however that the Bulgarian embassies are not empowered to make such judgments! And even if they were, any such rejection should be made officially, in writing, so the applicant can appeal it. By rejecting to accept the documents with a verbal explanation that something is not ok, the embassies are probably hoping to get rid of the applicant and hopefully never see him again. But is this acceptable? Certainly not!

What to do if the embassy is not willing to take your documents?

Unfortunately this happens often. You go to the embassy with your set of documents (ie visa application). After a brief inspection by the clerk, you are told that something is missing or is not to his liking. Then the documents are handed back to you and you hear the clerk saying “next please!”. What can you do? Not much unfortunately. And this is exactly why the authorities are acting like that.

The options

Still, even if you are being rejected without any official document, there are options for you to choose from. The first and most obvious one is to do your homework and try to address the issues that the embassy has “found”. But what if you believe that your documents are all fine? And in all honesty, this is most often the case. Then what? Obviously your only option is then the Bulgarian Court of Law – our preferred domain to defend our clients.

Please contact us at once if you are facing similar problems.

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