arrested in Bulgaria

Arrested in Bulgaria – Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you been arrested or charged in Bulgaria?

My office is successfully defending foreigners in penal cases in Bulgaria. When you are in another country, the laws are a bit harder to follow than in your own country, because put simply, you just don’t know them.

The Bulgarian penal code is quite strict and foresees serious jail terms even for crimes, that may seem to you like a simple administrative violation.

Are you a victim of a crime in Bulgaria?

In many cases, foreigners can become subject of crime in Bulgaria. My office will assist in that as well. There are many cases of forex scams in Bulgaria, where my office has been very successful at defending the victim’s rights and interests.

Either way, in the unfortunate situation that you have to deal with the Bulgarian penal system, please contact me for legal assistance and representation. Please also read the article Have you been arrested or criminally charged in Bulgaria for more information about the legal framework in the country and my services.

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