International Emigration Expo

Participation in the “International Emigration Expo 2016” – Kiev, Ukraine

“Residence permits in Bulgaria and the CIP”

The team of the Hristo Vasilev law office participated at the International Emigration Expo 2016, which was held in Kiev, Ukraine on 30.09.2016 and 01.10.2016, where our representative spoke about “Residence permits in Bulgaria and the Citizenship-by-investment program(CIP)”.

Citizenship and Investments Ltd

“Citizenship & Investments” LTD is a consultancy company actively providing legal and administrative support to high-net-worth clients wishing to obtain Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment. We have adequate international expertise, and as fully fledged member of the VD&A Group, have also access to local knowledge and support in Bulgaria. In that way we are able to provide our clients with unmatched level of service.

With offices in Dubai, Hong Kong and Bulgaria, we are in position to cover all regions of the world, where the “Global Citizenship” values are most sought after. Our specialists are travelling the year round to all corners of the globe to meet potential customers or to take part in international events as panelists and speakers of many international investment immigration events.

Special Time Limited Offer

Grab your last chance for an affordable EU passport. Apply NOW and become full EU citizen before Feb 18, 2021. The value of the EU passport has increased ten-fold in 6 months only! Cyprus amends its citizenship program, making it overly expensive and uncertain. Malta’s CIP is virtually dead as the rejection percentage tends to reach 100% soon (on top of the immense cost it comes with). Bulgaria still holds the current (extremely) favourable conditions.


Our offer under this promotion even includes all state fees that are due for the participation of the program and even is inclusive of the state fee for the issuance of your Bulgarian passport!Malta, Cyprus and Bulgaria are the only three EU nations to provide the opportunity to become their citizen through investment at favorable conditions (short processing time, no language exam, no surrender of existing citizenships, etc.). Everything else that you may have heard of – i.e. Golden Visa programs, etc, is merely a residency permit (residency visa) that provides temporary right to stay in the relevant country. It is not citizenship and it doesn’t provide any rights to its holder outside of the relevant country (i.e. for international visa-free travel, etc.).

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