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Bulgarian citizenship by origin – SCAMS across the board

If you search for “Bulgarian citizenship by origin” (in virtually any language) on Google, you will find tons of attractive offers. Many will be in Russian and you may read something like:

Bulgarian citizenship by origin – 1500 EUR, guaranteed result!

Typical scam offer

Bulgarian citizenship by origin – the hot ticket in 2022

After the citizenship law was amended in March 2021, the possibilities to obtain Bulgarian citizenship by origin became more feasible. The Bulgarian parliament introduced the new term “Bulgarian up to the third degree”, which opened the door for many future Bulgarians to obtain citizenship and passport. You can read more about the challenges of obtaining and comprehending the citizenship legislation in Bulgaria.

Penal responsibility for both the scammers and their clients

Needless to say that these offers never lead to genuine citizenship. The client will lose all the money paid and will either get nothing or a fake citizenship certificate and/or fake Bulgarian passport. Often, the scammer will get away from penal responsibility, as they know from the very beginning how to hide their traces. But the client, scammed already, is often the person who will be charged for falsified documents and untrue declarations.

Legal assistance for victims of citizenship by origin scams

We provide full legal assistance in Bulgaria for those who have been scammed by similar schemes. We will not only assist in reporting and suing the perpetrator, but will also defend the scammed victims if they are accused under the Bulgarian penal act.

Please contact us asap if you are victim of Bulgarian citizenship by origin scam.

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