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When is Bulgarian visa D required

Huge influx of applications for D visa

In 2022, more and more foreigners from non-EU countries are applying for a D visa in the Bulgarian diplomatic missions. The reason for this is that our country is becoming more and more attractive for immigration, as a result of the rapid growth of wages in recent years.

As is reporting Posolstvo.eu, the influx of foreigners is not only from developing countries. On the contrary, more and more citizens of developed countries such as UK, USA, Australia, Canada, etc are trying to relocate to Bulgaria.

Problems in obtaining a D visa

At the same time, getting D visa becomes more difficult by the day. The set of documents that must be prepared is overwhelming and the percentage of rejected applications is increasing. It is virtually impossible to successfully apply for a D visa without the professional support of a good immigration attorney or firm with extensive experience in immigration law.

For more information, please read the article of Posolstvo.eu – visa D or contact me for further support.

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