Bulgarian passport hard to get

Bulgarian citizenship – outlook for 2021

Bulgarian citizenship – more valuable than ever

The value of the Bulgarian passport is on its highest point, ever. If you thought that the Bitcoin is the champion in terms of value increase for 2020, think again.

The new realms after the Cypriot investment citizenship was cancelled

The interest for the citizenship of Bulgaria, after the demise of the Cypriot Citizenship by Investment program, has gone over the roof. In the beginning of 2021, Bulgaria is virtually the only EU country where you can get full citizenship in foreseeable future (relatively fast). The amount of visa-free travel countries where one can travel to with Bulgarian passport is now reaching the number of the most valuable passports in the world, those of Germany and Sweden.

Hardship ahead for all candidates for Bulgarian citizenship

But the Bulgarian authorities are not making it easy for the citizenship candidates. The percentage of rejected applications is overwhelming. And it is not only the investment citizenship applications that are under fire. Citizenship by origin and citizenship through normal naturalization (after certain residence period in Bulgaria) are also effected. We strongly recommend you reading the article Bulgarian citizenship applications – bloodshed across the board.

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