Dubai scams passports

Dubai – hub for scammers offering Bulgarian citizenship by investment

New wave of scams from Dubai, mainly originating from the JBR area, is striking those who want to get EU citizenship by investment.

Two months after the Bulgarian citizenship by investment program was revamped in March 2021, Bulgaria remains de-facto the only EU golden passport option. And as the clients from Malta and Cyprus (Cyprus cancelled its CIP in late 2020) are now moving to Bulgaria to get citizenship by investment, the international scammers are striking again.

The “offer” from Dubai

The scams from Dubai are basically the oldest of all. What the scammers are offering is to pay them irrevocable fee of around 250000 EUR for the promise that they will get you investment citizenship without any investment whatsoever. I always wonder how is it possible to fall for such a scheme, but the amount of enquiries I got during the last month has stunned me.

You can read more about the scam and how to protect yourself at

If you have been scammed

If you have fallen victim for such a scam, I suggest you to contact me for legal assistance and re3presentation. The sooner you act, the better. You may eventually get your money back if the scammers are fearing prosecution.

Please be aware that you may be also held liable for participating in illegal activities. If this is the case, please contact me without delay as timing is essential.

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