Criminal conviction Bulgaria

Criminal record and Bulgarian visa

Can you get Bulgarian visa D if you have criminal conviction in the past?

Criminal conviction is definitely something very serious. But shouldn’t it be so that once the sentence is served, the person is pardoned and his conviction should not be a hurdle in his future life? Unfortunately we are not living in a perfect world. A criminal sentence, even an expired one, is a big fat “NO” for many things in the future life of the sentenced. But is a criminal sentence also a “no go” for Bulgarian visa D and residence permit?

The Bulgarian law does require from the visa D and residence permit applicants to provide a criminal record from their home countries. There is no imperative condition however that the person should have a clean criminal record. So is it then possible to obtain visa D with an unclean criminal record? And if we go one step forward, is it possible to obtain Bulgarian citizenship if you have been sentenced in the past? You can find the answers in the magnificent article by – Unclean criminal record and Bulgarian visa & citizenship.

What it all means for you

As it appears, an unclean criminal record is a big problem if you want to immigrate to Bulgaria. It is however not a game-over thing. Even with a criminal past, depending on many factors of course, you can still get Bulgarian visa and residence permit. You can contact my office for any concerns you might have or for full assistance for legal immigration to Bulgaria.

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