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Huge increase of Israeli business interest in Bulgaria

The Israeli people know, best of all other nations, where it is profitable to do business, at any given moment in time. And they know very well that Bulgaria is offering the best business opportunities in the whole EU. And no, it is not only the lowest flat tax rate of only 10%. Bulgaria has much more to offer than low taxes. Bulgaria has easy administrative procedures, compared to other EU members states. Bulgaria has IT specialists that can fulfill even the most complicated project. And Bulgaria is of course, financially stable and very, very predictable.

The challenges for Israelis in Bulgaria

The Israeli businessmen have usually very high expectations. And an important part of these expectations is that things need to happen fast. Bulgarians however like things to happen at their own pace, to put it mildly. And often these different business attitudes lead to problems.

My assistance to Israeli businessmen

My office is providing fairly priced legal services to Israeli businessmen in Bulgaria. From simple company registration to complicated court cases, Israeli citizens and businesses can count on highly professional assistance in Bulgaria. You can also read the article Business services for Israelis in Bulgaria.

For consultation or any information you might need, please don’t hesitate to contact my office.

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