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EU blue card for employment in Bulgaria

High-skilled employment in Bulgaria – lucrative and in high demand

Obtaining EU Blue Card is now easier than ever. Don’t get me wrong here – it’s not easy at all. The Bulgarian legislation is complicated and the bureaucratic load is immense. It’s just that the procedures are now streamlined and in general foreign labor is welcomed in Bulgaria. With close to zero real unemployment rate, Bulgaria is now hunting for workers – both skilled and unskilled.

How to get EU Blue Card residence permit

The procedures are, as stated above, complicated and bureaucratic. I offer full assistance to both Bulgaria based employers and foreign (non-EU) job seekers. Please contact me for any questions you might have. You can read more about the advantages of the EU Blue Card in Bulgaria. Please be advised that my office will assist you also with all your tax and compliance issues after you relocate to Bulgaria.


Do I require visa D in order to obtain EU Blue Card residence permit?

Yes, visa D is always required.

Am I allowed to bring my family members with me if I get EU Blue Card?

Yes, this is foreseen in the law. Please contact me for details.

Who is paying the legal fees for the assistance in obtaining the work/residence permit?

Normally, it is the employer who has to pay the legal fees for the immigration formalities. There are cases however, when the parties agree otherwise.

If I start working in Bulgaria, shall I be taxed on my world-wide income?

No. You will be only taxed on your world-wide income if you become tax resident in the country. Please read more details about who is considered to be tax resident in the country.

For how long is the Card valid?

It is valid for the length of your employment contract with a maximum of 4 years.


  1. Hi there

    My husbands company has relocated to Bulgaria. We are trying to acquire blue card visas for us to go, but the companies lawyers in Bulgaria don’t know what they are doing and it has been going on for months

    Are we able to squire your services in assistance?

    Thank you

    1. Author

      Please contact for professional assistance about EU Blue Card.

  2. The bulgarian office of international software development company is looking for high-professional consultant to assist receiving Blue Card from bulgarian authorities to perspective non EU-resident employee.
    I wounder would you like to provide a proposal to the request.

    1. Author

      Dear Vladimir,
      We recommend you to enquire from the colleagues at, as they can best assist you with EU Blue Card.

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