Hong Kong

Unrest in Hong Kong

The unrest in Hong Kong (HK) is picking up. As result, many distressed Hongkongers are rushing to obtain alternative (second) citizenship. Most of them, quite logically, are deciding in favor of the Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment.

Our law office provides legal support and turn-key advice in order to allow the applicant to obtain successfully Bulgarian citizenship. You can read more about the application options and why Hong Kongers should obtain Bulgarian citizenship by investment now. Applicants from HK for Bulgarian citizenship by investment need to buy Bulgarian bonds or shares of listed Bulgarian companies for an amount of not less than 1 024 000 EUR. This will enable them to obtain full Bulgarian (EU) citizenship in about 18 months from the start of the application. You can also read more information about my lecture in Hong Kong.

We also urge you to read a nice article, outlining the reluctance of the UK towards granting (full) British citizenship to the people of Hong Kong.

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