Negative online reviews

Negative online reviews: how to sue for defamation?

Negative online reviews and comments are subject to legal prosecution.

You can earn significant compensation for negative reviews and defamation on Google, Facebook, Amazon, under Bulgarian and EU law.

It’s no secret that in recent years, online reviews (including negative, unfortunately) have become an integral part of doing business. The purpose of internet comments is to inform the customers about the level and quality of goods and services offered. Web-sites like Facebook, Booking, Google, Amazon, etc. actively offer such opportunity.

Freedom of expression or just abuse and “paid defamation” of the competition?

Unfortunately however, there are many who use freedom of expression for their own illegal purposes. It is not uncommon for consumers to leave false negative comments, requiring certain services and benefits from the respective seller in order to withdraw or amend their comments.

If you have been a victim of such practices, you have the opportunity to sue for defamation and accusation. The consequences for the perpetrators can be extremely serious. And you can receive significant financial compensation and restore your reputation.

More info on how to sue someone for negative online reviews or comments

If you think you have been targeted by an online defamation campaign. Your site or online property has been attacked with defamatory reviews or comments. In that case, you have the right to prosecute the slanderers. The EU regulations are now providing the opportunity to sue for reputation damages. Including prosecuting them defamation. Our lawyers have vast experience in such cases. Call us and we will assist you to obtain the maximum compensation by law.

For more information, we recommend that you read the article – Bad reviews on Facebook, Google, eBay, etc. – how to seek legal compensation under Bulgarian and EU law.

Unfairly damaging your reputation as a company or person in the online media is a crime like any other. Don’t let criminals get away with it!

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