Bulgarian citizenship for the people of Belarus

Protests not only in Bulgaria but also in Belarus

Citizenship by investment – a rescue plan for Belarusian business

Immediately after the announcement of the election results in Belarus, the interest in obtaining Bulgarian citizenship increased enormously. Obviously, the unstable political situation in Belarus makes a large part of the country’s citizens look for alternatives and secure the right to reside in the EU.

Citizens of Belarus – with visas everywhere!

Another reason for the increased interest from Belarus in Bulgarian citizenship is the fact that a Belarusian passport does not go far. Only Russia and several other countries grant visa-free travel to Belarusians.

Even more serious EU restrictions for Belarus and Belarusian citizens after Ryanair plane forcibly landed in Minsk

Following the incident with the forced landing of a Ryanair plane, the European Union imposed new severe sanctions on Belarus. On May 23, a plane flying from Athens to Vilnius was forced to land in Minsk. On board was journalist Roman Protasevich, a dissident and critic of the Lukashenko regime. Belarus is currently in isolation and its citizens are “persona non grata” in the EU.

But there is a solution. The Bulgarian passport, unlike the Belarusian one, allows for visa-free travel to a huge number of countries around the world (over 160).

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