Schengen Bulgaria

Bulgaria is joining Schengen by air and sea from 31.03.2024. This is the big news, but it is really big news only for the foreigners, who are legally residing in Bulgaria. For Bulgarian citizens, nothing will change basically. Bulgarians are full EU citizens and have therefore unrestricted travel rights. TheContinue Reading

Bulgarian embassies abroad

Are the Bulgarian embassies abroad empowered to decide about visa D? We receive more and more complaints from foreigners who have issues with the Bulgarian embassies and consulates. Most often, the problem is that Bulgarian embassies are rejecting visa applications (in particular for visa D) with the reasoning that someContinue Reading

виза за България

Huge influx of applications for D visa In 2022, more and more foreigners from non-EU countries are applying for a D visa in the Bulgarian diplomatic missions. The reason for this is that our country is becoming more and more attractive for immigration, as a result of the rapid growthContinue Reading